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Friday, January 11, 2008

Debunking the nuclear myths

It's not often that I feel the desire to congratulate the UK's Labour government. But I have to say a big "bravo" for Gordon & co for standing up to the shrill, misanthropic voices of the 'sustainability' numpties yesterday.

No, nuclear power is not easy, nor ultra-cheap. It is, however, predictable and reliable, and exactly what is needed as a base load.

Yesterday's decision is one in the eye for those ideological, anti-developmentalists masquerading as green crusaders. Anything that could possibly mean that we end up with more energy per person, and more money, safer pensions, and sustainability of democracy & capitalism is anathema.

Then there are those hypocrites on the 'renewables' side of the equation who all seem to conveniently overlook their own massively subsidised, hugely concrete/materials-intensive, climate-dependent limitations. Not to mention forgetting to mention their patents and that the 'pot of money' will wind its way to their own pockets under other energy scenarios.

Spiked! has an excellent rebuttal of some of the gibberish spouted by these people.


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